Williams Tooling & Manufacturing is a tool and die shop in West Michigan that provides tooling for stamping plants across North America, and particularly in the Midwest region including Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Tennessee. Roughly 95% of the company’s customers and sales are in the automotive industry. We are committed to producing exceptional tooling by utilizing advances in technology, while maintaining and improving proven processes, in order to meet and satisfy customer demands for consistent quality in each part produced using Williams Tooling & Manufacturing tools.

Why choose Williams Tooling

What separates us from other tool and die shops in West Michigan and in the industry overall is our ability to be flexible and progress with technology. By using advanced machining and programming CAD, and utilizing experienced employees and management, Williams Tooling accurately quotes and estimates machine time. What this means for you is that we are consistently able to meet delivery dates and retain customers better than our competitors.

Williams Tooling & Manufacturing, Inc. offers progressive and hand transfer tooling to stamping plants globally. We’ve built tooling for plants in the United States, Mexico, and Honduras. Most of our domestic business has been with plants in the Midwest region of the United States, but we have also produced products for companies in Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina. In addition to new tooling production Williams Tooling & Manufacturing, Inc. provides sharpening and repair services for a number of local companies but offers the same services to any company in need of it.

Tool and die services in West Michigan and beyond

The main services we provide are the design and production of custom stamping tools. Our customers receive tooling that is able to produce parts at company specified rates for the length of high volume production and beyond. By utilizing CAD technology, our customers are able to order any replacement part at any time and receive suggestions to fix or prevent parts of the die from wearing or becoming damaged during operation. Customers benefit from this by experiencing reduced downtime in production as a result of tooling failure. In addition, our customers have the ability to order spare parts that allow them to switch parts before they become dull and create problems in the future. This practice eliminates downtime for preventative maintenance in plants that rotate tooling as parts are ordered.

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